-Karma 19-

Crazy chaos 

silent war 


Viral Holds

New Meaning


Fear for breakfast

Uncertainty with dinner 

Sheltered in Place

Earth Healing

Animals play

humans be still


birds sing

clouds float by

blue ocean sky

Finger of God 

o be grateful 

little children



we’re all mad



six feet apart

curiouser and curiouser

what does it mean?

Don’t ask me

how long will it last?

until it ends-

What can we do?

BE and DO

the best You.

Random Writing

I am thankful –

thankful I survived

the torture and the lies

When I look into their eyes

I am thankful-

the scars across my soul

mark all the times I let go-

to grab a hold of


the balm of Gilead soothes my mind

in the night

I am thankful

looking from here to there

across time

shivers crawl across my skin

memories close in

pull me under

no longer can they hold me down

long enough to watch me drown

I am thankful

day and night

for holy intervention on a drug filled night

screams no one can hear

lungs on fire

tears unleased

Here I am

All these years later


in the valley of the shadow of death

streams flow

flowers bloom

and I am thankful.