Seeds & Clay

Image result for seeds blown by the windPrecious little seeds                    Are  minutes in a day            Fertilize with kindness

                                                               Water each with love

Bitter thoughts                             Hate and Lies                     Tornadoes Born of Pride

                                                                Create a life of drought

Growing hours into days           Vigilant protection             Guard each one

                                                          From time thieves of destruction

Don’t be short sighted                 Ego driven                 Entangled by the Weeds


Believing the lie                          You will live and not die                    Close your eyes

Be still                                           Remember                          You  Are a Radiant Being of Light

                                                Walking around in clothes of clay

Learn to play                                Laugh and Sing                     Grow a beautiful life

                               We are flowers in a field that will wither and die

                                                           To Be reborn


It sits there in the back,

Crowding out love and joy

Reminding you what you had

all you’ve lost

what could have been

but never was

There it waits hidden beneath a memory

burns to the touch

a blink of an eye,

hopes turn to ash,

cold and dry,

the past,

you should be free

but it won’t leave,

coloring everything

there is no getting over it,

grief does not leave

it is the unwanted guest

who comes to stay.

I Am Thankful

        I Am Thankful

I am thankful

Thankful that it was I,

I, who was born unwanted and shamed by the depravity of man,

By the lusts of  their flesh,

I am Thankful

It was I who walked in the middle of the night at the age of five

Into the devils room,

I am Thankful

It was I, and not you.

I am Thankful

That in the haze of drugs, mercy was my net,

That His still small voice broke through my craziness.

I am Thankful

That even though no one else knew my brokenness,

He saw through my illusion and pain

I am Thankful

That He takes the unwanted and calls them His own.

I am Thankful

That He heals the broken hearted and sets the lonely in families.

I am Thankful

That in my grief in all that I had and all that I have lost, I am never alone, I am His and He calls me His own,

I am Thankful.

That I call Him Abba Father and He changed me from within.

I am Thankful

That He is Love and His Love heals from beginning to end.

I am Thankful



Iola Reneau