Today is…


Today is a great day,

The perfect one in every way,

An exceptional day to

Let go of  anger

held deep in the fold’s

Of our minds

Giving  permission

To judge

To hate

To spew debate

Today will never be more right

To relinquish the fight

To be the single light

It only takes one to

Illuminate the night


dirt road

Road on dandelion field


dirt road
surrounded by
when it rained
loved the smell
on hot summer days

I taste freedom
on my tongue

stories among the fields
my fire burning bright
a wanderer at five

on the way
to the blacktop
bus stop waiting
small feet escaping
violent hate
murderous words

I love that
dirt road
it was the promise of
a way to escape

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Mattie's Legacy



There’s a River Flowing~~~


Have you ever felt like you had so much creativity, so many new ideas or expanded ideas that have been simmering on the back burner of your mind for so long that you almost gave up on them but then you wake up one morning and they are  bubbling over, flowing and expanding with possibility and creativity?

 That is how I am feeling today!

                 I don’t know who this poem/verse is for, maybe it is more for me than anyone else. But in sharing it I hope that someone other than myself will be encouraged through it.


Selah (Pause and Think on This)

You are more than the box you were born in

More than the pain that distracts you from

Living  the life you have only dreamed of

It is what we choose

that changes the rules

lifts up and destroys the liars whispers

that your not good enough

your focus distorted by the lens of flesh that twists

your true beauty into a filter not your own

that keeps you bowed down

consumed by images created to judge your


Break free with a word


a tiny thought


a seed of truth watered with faith

You are Enough

Just as you Are

Pursue the Peace you thirst for

the Joy you desire is not found in the pit of addiction

wrapped in the cocoon of your grief

and self pity

twisted in to self hate

a butterfly without wings

the cage your trapped in

has no bars,

and walls fall away when you

stop believing the lies and


is found in knowing that there is no end

my friend,

When the dust settles

Eternity begins.



In a Whisper~


                                                 A Whisper

                                                     Gentle as a breeze

                                                        More powerful than an Oceans tide

                                                 Devastation screams and the answer comes on the wind

                                                    Mustard Seed Faith

                                                      Changed Everything

                                                              For me

                                                Once bitter and angry


                                                I had a right to my Hate

                                                 It drove me day by day

                                                     Into wasted nights

                                                Always ready for a fight

                                             Hopeless Outcast Rejected

                                                      Defined Me

                                             Until I heard the Whisper

                                                 Brush across my Soul

                                                    Flickering sparks

                                        Danced across my broken Spirit

                                              Setting my Heart on Fire

                                               Turning Hate into Love

                                                     Foes into Friends


Mercy opened the door

                                   Faith Walked In

                                    So I,

                                          Blind as any Blind Person could Be

                                      Even I could see,

                                     His Light

                               Redeemed Transformed Given New Life


                                 I Breathe Because of Him

Rambling Poetry

Image result for free tear heart


This is Love~

Simple    Deep     Eternal

Unyielding   Unbreakable  Unconditional

Weeps with Joy

Celebrating Together

Sharing Tears of Pain

Comforts One Another

Holds a Hand in the Night

Shattered Hearts Mended


Whispers……… “it’ll be alright”…..

Crazy     Overwhelming     Heart Pounding


A soft summer Kiss,

Unbroken    Un-Relenting    Understanding

Forgiving   Letting Go    Remembering

Grasping      Holding     Struggling


Gasping     Breathless      Cries


I Love You

Never Dies…..