Free Book Give Away

I am giving away free e-book versions of my full length novel “Mattie’s Legacy” and children’s book “Mabel” on Amazon.  I hope you enjoy them both !



Congratulations ~

To the winners of the book giveaway contest! I will be trotting your books down to the post office this afternoon.  I hope that you will enjoy reading “Mattie’s Legacy” and will leave a rave review (wink wink smile) on Amazon, Goodreads, where ever and when ever you talk about books, friends, family, neighbors, clerks, on the street corner with a bull horn.

Thanks to everyone for entering and maybe we can do it again sometime.

All the Best of Everything Good and Wonderful to all, always ~

I re-designed the cover for Mattie’s Legacy paperback…I love it !!

mattie's legacy cover paperback

Remember starting September 16th-27th, you can enter to win a free copy of Mattie’s Legacy at . I will be giving away two books with the original cover design away. The 27th of September would have been my 29th wedding anniversary and I thought this would be a great way to remember my husband Dennis who loved every word of this story and was more excited about my writing than I was.

Everyone needs someone to believe in them and I was his and he was mine.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart !

Over 200 copies of Mattie’s Legacy have been given away~~

love free stuffThat is super exciting to me! As a writer I think having people reading your work trumps making the buck…even though we all need the buck to buy sustenance which without we will die and no longer be able to write, so eat we must 🙂

So…tomorrow the giveaway will end but if you would like to have a heads up regarding future giveaways please send me your email and I will make sure and let you know in advance. You can leave it in a comment, or send me a quick email with “remember me” in the subject line.

If you know someone who loves free stuff and enjoys reading let them know how to get a free copy of “Mattie’s Legacy”.

Announcing Surprise Give Away!!

Count Down Begins on July 26 and Ends July 27 

For two days you and everyone you know can receive a free ebook copy of my new novel Mattie’s Legacy

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Mattie’s Legacy

Mattie's Legacy