It sits there in the back,

Crowding out love and joy

Reminding you what you had

all you’ve lost

what could have been

but never was

There it waits hidden beneath a memory

burns to the touch

a blink of an eye,

hopes turn to ash,

cold and dry,

the past,

you should be free

but it won’t leave,

coloring everything

there is no getting over it,

grief does not leave

it is the unwanted guest

who comes to stay.


sonnet of time

I am not one who really likes a lot of structure in my writing but I do love the rhythm of sonnets. So I thought it would be fun to play at writing one. I am not sure if you could actually describe the following poem as a fully developed sonnet so keep in mind I wrote it in less than fifteen minutes 🙂 because I am trying to use spare minutes to pursue writing in left over bits of time I thought that would be a good subject to start with.  I leave you with this little poem for your entertainment purposes only. Enjoy and Go be awesome…





  1. The rough hand of time
  2. Leans heavy on my brow
  3. Pressing into my mind
  4. Seconds escape into minutes
  5. I feel the anxious haste
  6. Hours turning into days
  7. How can all be done
  8. There has been so much waste
  9. Of precious youth
  10. Poured out on useless haste
  11. Once lean and strong
  12.  Strength of mind
  13. Now tires and longs
  14. For rest and quiet

My love of Poetry

Writing poetry is personal and it is healing. My belief is that it does not have to be great or universal but it certainly should be your own truth. I started writing really bad poetry around the age of twelve. Writing and reading enabled me to work through the trauma, abuse, abandonment and I am forever grateful. And that is why I share what I write.

I love writing poetry for the emotional release and personal revelations it has given me. So the poem I wrote this morning may not be something that speaks to you or that you will even like. But maybe there is one other person who will read it and can relate to the words that I wrote this morning.           Choose to be happy…we can if we try 😉





Burns my eyes

Reminds me of

Oh light of mine,

I walk alone in twilight

Escape the past

Distraction does not last

Open eyes reality melts

A deep abyss the past

Release the hold

It has on my soul

From hands gone cold

Burning bright

Sparks of light

Keep me up at night

Remember when’s

once whispered

carried away


hallowing winds

Wings of prey


 my mind


Little lies

We tell ourselves of better times

When all along it was a different song,

hummed along

truth settled


it’s what we do

To survive


dirt road

Road on dandelion field


dirt road
surrounded by
when it rained
loved the smell
on hot summer days

I taste freedom
on my tongue

stories among the fields
my fire burning bright
a wanderer at five

on the way
to the blacktop
bus stop waiting
small feet escaping
violent hate
murderous words

I love that
dirt road
it was the promise of
a way to escape