Just for Today

Life is a journey lived one day at time

And just one word can make all the difference in a person’s day.

One word

One day at a time

to find your way back from despair

capture a memory

and embrace the day

It is a journey of the spirit

Finding pieces of joy

Can spark flickers of hope

That light the way for tomorrow~

*A Meditation

When you are silent

Breathe ~ Close your eyes~ Breathe ~ Think “Joy”

What do you hear?  What do you see? What do you smell? What are you doing?

Take these memories, feelings and thoughts with you into today.


Not all Will be Merry & Bright

Image result for dove



Daily I stop

moments turn to



those who have said good bye

with tear filled eyes

like mine

who walk in shock

of those they’ve  lost

in a blink of an eye

changed forever

never will it ever

be the same


a smile

laughter to loud

heart breaking


no longer being held


one more

just one

more time

tears fill the night

heart’s scream


these are those

who are on my mind

in my prayers


Who received the diagnosis

phone call

knock on the door

that changed your world

I write words of

glass like slivers

sharp enough

to draw blood

in hope

from my journey

down the road that

convey the truth that

His mercies are new every morning

surrender the pain

to the truth

we were all born to die

I have found this is how

we live now


those we love

are not lost

they have been set free

from the cage

released from this

shroud of dust

there is peace

in releasing

what should have been

looking back I see

golden threads

in the middle of the storm

sparkle through the darkness

lives are  changed

never to be the same

there is no going back.

painful breath of life

we go on

daily enduring

learning to live

this new awkward


from here I see that

while we can

let us

love like crazy

laugh too loudly

living audaciously

Making Memories

for  those we leave

when it is our time to fly.

A life well lived

is the  gift of grief

when we choose to receive.





Seeds & Clay

Image result for seeds blown by the windPrecious little seeds                    Are  minutes in a day            Fertilize with kindness

                                                               Water each with love

Bitter thoughts                             Hate and Lies                     Tornadoes Born of Pride

                                                                Create a life of drought

Growing hours into days           Vigilant protection             Guard each one

                                                          From time thieves of destruction

Don’t be short sighted                 Ego driven                 Entangled by the Weeds


Believing the lie                          You will live and not die                    Close your eyes

Be still                                           Remember                          You  Are a Radiant Being of Light

                                                Walking around in clothes of clay

Learn to play                                Laugh and Sing                     Grow a beautiful life

                               We are flowers in a field that will wither and die

                                                           To Be reborn

Five Minute Poetry ~Disjointed~

My writing muscles are weak

Aching in my sleep

Looking glass

Sparkles never last

Bubbles pop

flat dreams turn


Rhythm missing dirge

seeps up from the past

in an empty glass

appearing real

these fantasies turn

Were you here?

Never can I say I didn’t try

to remind myself not to cry

As Shakespeare words play upon

my dreams through the cracks

of my mind,

to love and die

a midnight dreary

comes not my knight to

dry my eyes

Concubines of time between dry pages

Words slip past

stop the madness

get out of the future

relax into the now

too much dreaming

too much regretting

too much heart pounding believing.


Five Minute Poetry

I’m back……:) I have been working hard at designing my life in such a way that ultimately will give me freedom to write. The pressure is easing up and I feel like this next year will be the year I will finish what I have started. But I have missed writing poetry and sharing freely with anyone who would like to read them. So I have decided to combine free writing with poetry and share whatever evolves. Drum roll please…..My new concept is called ..Five Minute Poetry. I set the timer and write in poetry form whatever flows is where I go. I realize this is not a new concept but I feel like it will be priming my brain pump and maybe something interesting will pour out….or not 🙂  Remember these are short, sometimes nonsensical, stream of thought…no stones pleas 🙂

On A Sunday~

In a Blink,
Twilight Blind,
Days run By,
in a wink,
In a bed your sweet head,
A lullaby turns to lament
in a brief escaping breath
All that is
No Goodbye
Eyes closed
a whisper in the night
Haunting wind
shatter panes
Telling all
left unsaid
Sunlight blinds
shaded eyes
In a Blink
the end

your title goes here….

Today is …name that poem day!!!

Yay…please leave a comment with the title for the poem below the picture and how long you think it took me to write it.

It’s Friday…fun day…glad it’s not a Monday 🙂


We grow

We change

We remain the same

All of our yesterday’s go up

In flames

Tomorrow is a gaping hole

Not sure what it might hold

Take a leap

Stand up straight

Eyes of love look deep


Its faith

That’s what it takes

To win

At this game

We call life