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My Addiction~

Hello, I am Iola and I am an addict

A word addict. Everyday I wake up and have to write, read, and consume words with caffeine. I cannot and will not ever stop.

Words hold power, words we speak, write, dwell on, without words we would not be.

They are the one addiction I will never recover from. I love crazy funny words, loving kind sentimental words, long scientific words. Words heal and words can kill. They kill dreams, hopes, futures, love. And with the same power they can soothe, heal, encourage, create, build up and change lives for the better. I know because they changed mine.

Even when I am not writing for public consumption, I am still writing and thinking about how to change the words I speak to change my life, and my small part of the world. Our words encourage us and others or they destroy us and others. Choose carefully.


I thought I would share my morning thoughts today as a warm up to getting my gears oiled to write and share again. New poems, essays, some short stories etc. If there is anyone still out there interested enough to read my writing that is great and if not that is cool too.

I did try and start a blue host website and for the last year when I had extra time I tried to figure that out and either I am not tech savvy or it is a really confusing way to post, either way it was a waste of time, energy and money for me. So I am back on good old WordPress and feel safe again.

Love you lots~

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