Five Minute Poetry

I’m back……:) I have been working hard at designing my life in such a way that ultimately will give me freedom to write. The pressure is easing up and I feel like this next year will be the year I will finish what I have started. But I have missed writing poetry and sharing freely with anyone who would like to read them. So I have decided to combine free writing with poetry and share whatever evolves. Drum roll please…..My new concept is called ..Five Minute Poetry. I set the timer and write in poetry form whatever flows is where I go. I realize this is not a new concept but I feel like it will be priming my brain pump and maybe something interesting will pour out….or not 🙂  Remember these are short, sometimes nonsensical, stream of thought…no stones pleas 🙂

On A Sunday~

In a Blink,
Twilight Blind,
Days run By,
in a wink,
In a bed your sweet head,
A lullaby turns to lament
in a brief escaping breath
All that is
No Goodbye
Eyes closed
a whisper in the night
Haunting wind
shatter panes
Telling all
left unsaid
Sunlight blinds
shaded eyes
In a Blink
the end


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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