sonnet of time

I am not one who really likes a lot of structure in my writing but I do love the rhythm of sonnets. So I thought it would be fun to play at writing one. I am not sure if you could actually describe the following poem as a fully developed sonnet so keep in mind I wrote it in less than fifteen minutes 🙂 because I am trying to use spare minutes to pursue writing in left over bits of time I thought that would be a good subject to start with.  I leave you with this little poem for your entertainment purposes only. Enjoy and Go be awesome…





  1. The rough hand of time
  2. Leans heavy on my brow
  3. Pressing into my mind
  4. Seconds escape into minutes
  5. I feel the anxious haste
  6. Hours turning into days
  7. How can all be done
  8. There has been so much waste
  9. Of precious youth
  10. Poured out on useless haste
  11. Once lean and strong
  12.  Strength of mind
  13. Now tires and longs
  14. For rest and quiet

Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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