Change is Good…

At least that is what we tell ourselves when circumstances beyond our control tornado our lives.
But than there are times when making decisions to change things up helps to create fresh energy and passion for living and creating. That is what I have been busy doing since the new year.

I have missed sharing my writing, blogging and spilling words all over the place. That isn’t to say I have not been writing bits and pieces here and there, because not writing would be like holding my breath. Which I can’t do for less than a minute before gasping for air. But I hope to write more here on the blog too.

I started a regular job in January and I have had a huge learning curve and adjustment period but now I feel like my ship is in smoother waters and it’s time to dive back into my book projects. And as I started a fresh new project I returned to the idea of using a pen name and decided that I would use one.

I have considered a pen name for many years and for many reasons so I won’t drag you through that mind field and just say that the name I created is a nod to one of my favorite books and my Great Grandfather who encouraged my love for words, writing, and learning. And so I introduce you to my new pen name…
A.J. Howard ….who was born on the fourth of May 2016.

I would also like to share other changes … but maybe that is enough for I will leave you with a weekend poem that I am going to free write over the next 90 seconds.. I love doing these and they usually are not share worthy but what the heck its my blog …right 🙂

Blows the mind this world of mine
Creeping slowly up and twists
the wrists of time
I look for reasons
but only see a distorted view
With words mingled
explanations to few
we get to choose
let it be said that peace is worth the pursuit
I will look out for you
look out for me too.

Love You.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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