Just a little poem…and some thoughts


You are
I am
So much more
than the Skin we arrive in
We are
The Apple of His eye
You are
I am
The song
He listens to hear
We are
His children
He Longs
To cradle in His arms
You Are
I am
So much more
than flesh and blood
We are
His breath
He breathes
You and Me
Flowing through
creating life
You are
I am
We Are
His Children

I know the chaos grows and fear shifts our thoughts into survival mode but I have to stop and remember that we are all God’s children regardless of race or religion. There is an evil in this world that is determined to divide, destroy and distract us from the truth. I want to remember everyday that it was fear and hatred that kept me locked up and suffering but it was grace, mercy and infinite love that set me free. Love heals, Love cover’s a multitude of sin’s.
Love Your Neighbor …do good to those who hate you…Love your God…these are not my words, these are the most powerful words in the world and they are from the Bible…Love Conquers …
It is a crazy world we live in but we can and should continue to walk in Love and do good. The enemy will not make it easy for us to do so but we are more than Conquerors through Christ Jesus our Messiah, God with Us.
Have a blessed Christmas.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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