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New Review found on Goodreads by ClaireBear (Claire Middleton)

“Mattie’s Legacy” was an unexpected delight for me! (love the cover too!) It tells the incredible story of a young girl as she goes through her extraordinary life, the unbelievable experiences she has, and how her faith shapes her life. It is powerful, moving, and really makes you think. There were many interesting subplots and interweaving storylines that all wrapped up nicely in the ending. The only downside was that I noticed punctuation errors throughout. The formatting was off in many places as well (sometimes making it a bit confusing). If you aren’t bothered by this than that’s fine… it is something I notice and feel obligated to mention. I do feel like people who like this story, especially fans of Christian fiction and historical literary dramas will not be bothered by it, and instead will appreciate the whole book and the beautiful message it imparts. (4 stars) Claire Middleton—Goodreads; Shelfari; Barnes & Noble

So in celebration of my son’s 26th birthday for 24 hours you can grab a free copy of

Mattie’s Legacy

Mattie's Legacy

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