There’s a River Flowing~~~


Have you ever felt like you had so much creativity, so many new ideas or expanded ideas that have been simmering on the back burner of your mind for so long that you almost gave up on them but then you wake up one morning and they are  bubbling over, flowing and expanding with possibility and creativity?

 That is how I am feeling today!

                 I don’t know who this poem/verse is for, maybe it is more for me than anyone else. But in sharing it I hope that someone other than myself will be encouraged through it.


Selah (Pause and Think on This)

You are more than the box you were born in

More than the pain that distracts you from

Living  the life you have only dreamed of

It is what we choose

that changes the rules

lifts up and destroys the liars whispers

that your not good enough

your focus distorted by the lens of flesh that twists

your true beauty into a filter not your own

that keeps you bowed down

consumed by images created to judge your


Break free with a word


a tiny thought


a seed of truth watered with faith

You are Enough

Just as you Are

Pursue the Peace you thirst for

the Joy you desire is not found in the pit of addiction

wrapped in the cocoon of your grief

and self pity

twisted in to self hate

a butterfly without wings

the cage your trapped in

has no bars,

and walls fall away when you

stop believing the lies and


is found in knowing that there is no end

my friend,

When the dust settles

Eternity begins.




Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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