~~In My Little Corner of the World and Flash Fiction~~

A lot has been happening!

Travel, family, a college graduation, more family….and of course writing, and getting ready for more traveling.

I am preparing Mattie’s Legacy for eBook publication and the project should be completed by the end of July.

In September I will be attending the ACFW writer’s conference in Dallas. Are there any of my writing friends out there going to be attending?

And now for your reading pleasure (I hope, I hope, I hope)

*******FLASH FICTION*******

~~~The Day After~~~

I looked at the clock.

Same time no matter what happens or how late I get to sleep. I never sleep in. I am like clockwork. Predictable.

The burning ache in my elbows and wrists slow me down as I throw the blanket aside. As the crushing blow of reality rushes through me crashing into my thoughts, reminding me of all I have lost.

It makes the arthritic burning seem like a splinter of a nuisance.

Thank God for coffee makers’ with preset timers. I am grateful for the promise of hot coffee in August. How can anyone be so cold when it is a hundred degrees outside? I wonder, as my feet touch the cold tile floor.

 I reach for the coffee pot as I stare out the kitchen window not seeing only remembering what use to be is no more. The world has changed for me. I look down at the lightness of the pot in my hand, empty, turn on the faucet, and look back out the window. I see for the first time since summer began that my once lush green lawn is littered with brown dead spots. When was the last time I turned on the sprinklers? I can’t remember.

I wipe the tears away that spontaneously slide down my face, and smile as I hear your voice say,

“your leaking again”

 Anger mingles with bone crushing grief as the unwanted memory of you taking your last breath refuses to be ignored.

 I push the start button.






Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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