Rambling Poetry

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This is Love~

Simple    Deep     Eternal

Unyielding   Unbreakable  Unconditional

Weeps with Joy

Celebrating Together

Sharing Tears of Pain

Comforts One Another

Holds a Hand in the Night

Shattered Hearts Mended


Whispers……… “it’ll be alright”…..

Crazy     Overwhelming     Heart Pounding


A soft summer Kiss,

Unbroken    Un-Relenting    Understanding

Forgiving   Letting Go    Remembering

Grasping      Holding     Struggling


Gasping     Breathless      Cries


I Love You

Never Dies…..

8 thoughts on “Rambling Poetry

    1. thank you Pat…Pray for me I entered Mattie’s Legacy in ACFW Genesis Contest ..You will never know how much your encouragement meant to me while at Mt Hermon last year..be blessed abundantly always yours…

      1. God knows the exact time and place for Mattie’s Legacy to best be appreciated. You’re a gifted writer and anointed servant of the Lord. He knows how to best move you forward in both roles. YOU blessed me and many others at MH Iola, don’t doubt that for one minute!! It’s an honor to pray for you..

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