And the Greatest of these is Love~


Wrapping up February’s focus on love, I thought about how powerful that four letter word is. And how the meaning and truth of the word love can become twisted and defiled. I really wanted to write an amazing poem and had more of a miss than a hit with doing so. But what I want to impart is so important that I fear the message gets lost in too much explanation. I even thought about how in a court of law the evidence is what matters and I know I’am the evidence. But that is hard for people to grasp  because you would have had to known me and how my life began and where I am now.  My first real understanding of what love meant was after I read 1 Corinthians 13…It blew my mind. I won’t write it all out but here is a paraphrase: Love is Kind, Love is Patient, Love is not Proud, Love is not Rud Love is not Selfish or Self Seeking, Love Forgives, No matter what you do, how much money you have or give if you don’t means nothing (Wow)  ….Love Faith and Hope and the Greatest of these is Love. This is my favorite chapter in the Bible. I feel like it changed my life. I never really knew love, or how to love before getting that word in my heart.  I can assure you My life is the evidence of God’s amazing Love.

Here is a fun, interesting tangible experiment you can do that will bless you and others too:

The Five Minute Love Miracle:

In 2007 I read about something called the five minute love miracle and it was a pretty simple concept. Set a timer for five minutes and think of feeling love ie…what makes you stirred up with feelings of love? For me, my babies, Grandmother, friends…Get that feeling built up and then if there is a person or situation that is troubling you think of it surrounded with love…you can see a pink or white light as love and then you see you and that person smiling, hugging etc..or the situation resolving in a loving way. I was dealing with a lot of stuff and thought why not give it a try. I started with my teenagers, my husband, even other people and situations..and every time there was a positive outcome.

It Works !

It makes sense to me that practicing the Love Miracle works because GOD is Love and it feels like a more effectual way of practicing the presence of GOD, sort of like a prayer of the imagination.  Try it and see if it helps you to feel a deeper calm and more love too.

Love heals every wound and heartache. Happy end of February …

All My Love To You~~




Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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