Planting Seeds of Gratitude


I tried to write a poem but nothing was pouring forth from the depths of my soul, except for blah blah blah….So I will share this quick bit that struck me while writing in my  journal this last week, and that is when we are grateful it is like planting seeds that produce joy in our lives.

When we acknowledge the small everyday opportunities to be grateful it increases our level of joy and when we are experiencing the emotion of joy, our level of happiness increases too.

I look back at the difficulties I have lived through and even though there was so much pain, confusion, and chaos, I am thankful that I recognized the golden threads of opportunities to be thankful. They really do change the tapestry of our lives into a beautiful mosaic rather than a drab dark bland blanket of time. Being grateful for the people and God moments really made all the difference in being able to go through rather than being destroyed by debt, death, and destruction. {No Exaggeration}

Do you want to overcome and pull yourself out of depression, sadness, and a defeated attitude?

Start by planting seeds of gratitude and watch your joy grow. Here is a beautiful and inspiring short video that I hope will encourage a spirit of gratitude.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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