An Allegory Story : Children of the King

This is an allegory story I wrote about ten years ago, give or take. I wrote it as a prologue to my someday memoir, with the intention of a child’s viewpoint. I had forgotten about it actually, until going through boxes of material I have moved from state to state, house to house over the years. As I read it to a very dear friend of mine, I thought it is not great but it is not bad either and maybe it might speak to someone in such a way that  it might give them hope and draw them to the Father where all healing can be found.

Now it is written from a female viewpoint but the message is the same for everyone.

An Unfortunate One

Once upon a time there was a sad little girl who lived in an old gray clapboard farm-house way outside of town in the country. The house was surrounded by onion fields and there was only one dirt road that led to and from the house.

He was an awful monster who could change in to a handsome man when he stepped outside but when he came back  in the farm-house he would return to his true  self a giant wart covered monster with ugly tattoo’s all over his scaly skin, he had razor’s for teeth and claws for hands. But even worse than the way he looked was the way he smelled. He smelled of death and long stinky cigars, which were worse than all of the onion fields in all of the world could ever smell. But the very very worst part about Terrible, was  what was hidden underneath his fat ant that was his  snake-like tail that he used to hurt the little girl and many others too.

One night while Terrible was sleeping the little blonde haired, blue-eyed girl tried to sneak past him and escape. But as she opened the door it squeaked on its hinges so loud that it woke him up and his giant claw like hand came down upon her shoulder and dragged her to him and the door slammed shut. Terrible did mean ugly things to the little girl in fact they were so bad that if I told you what he did you would grab your ears and close your eyes screaming,

“No more, don’t tell me those things!”

And then you would blame me for all your nightmares and sleepless nights that you would have for a very long, long time, maybe forever.

When the girl was a few years older she was allowed to sit out on the front porch during a particularly hot day. And while she sat staring  out at the fields of onions dreaming of life far away an old man came walking up the dirt road and when he saw her, he stopped and pushed his hat back on his head and smiled up at her.

“Young maiden might you have a cool drink of water for a tired old man?”

She was afraid Terrible would hear him and make her go back in,  so she nodded yes and went to the side of the house and brought out the water hose to him.

” Aren’t you afraid of  Terrible the monster?” she said very quietly.

“Naw, monster’s don’t scare me.”He said.

The old man’s eyes sparkled and shined, and out of nowhere a beautiful white dove flew down from the darkening sky and rested upon the man’s shoulder.

“Child you must not be afraid either, but do this one thing and pray.”

The girl looked at him and was confused by his words.

“Pray? How do I pray?”

The old man reached up and gently stroked the doves feathers.

“Look inside your heart to start, the words you find there are the ones you say. Then look up above and do not be surprised by what you find.”

The girl was not sure what to think of the old man’s words, and doubted that there would be any words that would her to change her life of fear.

When she put the water hose away and turned around to ask him another question she was mystified to find he was gone. And on the porch step where she had sat, was one white feather. She picked it up and felt sadness press in upon her and the aching desire to fly away and be free like the dove.

That night she thought about what the old man had said as she stared out a dirty bedroom window and looked up at the starry sky. She listened to the quiet night and tried to hear what her heart wanted to say. She pressed her eyes tightly closed and saw herself dressed all in white, her hands were clean and she felt what she could only describe as what being happy must feel like.

Opening her eyes, she looked back up at a star filled night sky and prayed.

“Please help Terrible to not hurt others anymore. Help him to see how mean he can be and how badly he hurts me.”

Pressing her fingers against the window pane she decided to try once more to leave and escape Terrible forever. She pushed hard at the window and opened it just enough for her to crawl out of.  Making her way quietly out into the night, she quickly ran into the onion field instead of going down the road. She hid among the tall swaying stalks in the onion fields and ran through them until she came out the other side.

She walked for a long time until she came to a beautiful little town and feeling tired she found a place to hide behind a store where she curled up behind a large can and slept.

The warm morning sun and happy voices woke her up the next day and she stepped out onto the busy street. She saw a dark-haired boy calling out to all who would listen.

“Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Have you seen this maiden?” He said as he held out a picture for all to see. He stepped in front of folks and asked each one,

“Have you seen her?”

But the people walking by barely looked at the picture as they nodded no, and went on their way.

The young girl was curious about the picture and felt drawn to have a look at it. Slowly she walked toward him hoping no one would notice her as she tried to take a peek.

But he noticed her and turned to her as she tried to look over his shoulder.

“Have you seen her,” He said then he stopped and stared at her.

She looked at him and said,

“May I see her picture?”

He looked hard at her.


The girl was afraid and stepped away from him and as she made ready to run he grabbed her arm.

“Wait, it’s you!” He said
“No, that can not be.” She said

She looked at the picture and saw a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

“No, sir you are mistaken, she is not me.”

He smiled wide and said,

“Oh, but it is you! You are the Maiden , the Kings daughter. You were lost but now you are found. You were thought Dead but you Live. Than he grabbed her hand and said,

“We must let the King know at once.”

The beautiful young man was one of the Kings own son’s who had been sent to find all of the Kings Children that Terrible and Monsters like him were keeping captive. They were once trusted children of the King too but turned away from Him, in hopes of being Him. But they became horrible monsters of what could have been.

In the Kingdom the Maiden was cleansed and healed with showers of mercy and grace. Bathing in rivers of love and dressed in white robes. Just as she had seen when she closed her eyes and tried to find what her heart had always known, to believe and not be afraid and to pray for Terrible was the key that set her free.

Now all of the gray clouds in the world could no longer hide the blue skies.

A sky as blue as the color of her own eyes.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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