Hello World…Its Been Awhile~

I have made some pretty big changes in my life but feel nothing much has really changed at all.

Sold a home in California and bought a home in Minnesota. Everyone asks the same two questions, do you have family there or did you move because of work? And the answer to both questions is, no. So why move?

What I hope to do is start writing again. My desire is to pull myself up and continue on the path of a life I have yet to fully live.

Shaking off the past for an unknown future seems foolhardy to some but the truth is, I prayed and this is where I felt led to go.

Have you ever needed a change in your life that others just could not comprehend?

It has been over a year since my husband past from this world to the next and I feel like I have kept myself in perpetual motion ever since. Now I am slowing down and his absence is a deep ache I cannot shake, no matter where I am, no matter how many miles I travel.

A Widows Lament~

In the mystery of tomorrow lies the memories of today,

Seeping in-between the cracks of a history that we made.

I don’t look for you, I don’t listen for your voice,

I avoid our memories

And the game of remember when’s is a painful past time I don’t enjoy

I try to out run the pain of the phantom hug or touch of your hand

With the busyness of a half life that keeps me in perpetual motion,

That leaves me empty in the sleepless nights

Conversations we once shared dance around my heart aching to be said

But die unspoken in the early dawn

Never touching air.

Your gone and I,

I am still here.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

2 thoughts on “Hello World…Its Been Awhile~”

  1. Dearest Iola, It’s good to read your thoughts once again, though miles away so very indearing. Your best is yet to come, may God bless you with the help of many out there somewhere were you find rest from the big city noise to the small town closeness you now call home. Your freind and sister in law….Deborah Reneau

  2. Beautiful, my friend. Praying for abundant blessings and God’s favor to be upon you. Praying that you will be anointed with His peace always. XO

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