For Mom’s and Others too



When I was 35, I had 4 little kids, 3 teenagers and one on the way, and boy did we get some stare downs everywhere we went. Especially after church when we would pull up in the Denny’s parking lot in our 15 passenger van and go in for lunch. I tried to ignore all the head turning and bulging eyeballs as we waited for them to put two table’s together so we could be seated, but it was hard to miss someone counting heads as we went by.

I wanted to explain to those bewildered faces that what they were seeing was actually a miracle right before their eyes. Here is what they didn’t know, I was told by doctors that I would probably never have children. And after two years of going to an infertility doctor, I decided enough was enough so my husband and I prayed one more time and gave it over to God. And at age 28 and four months later I was preg. with my beautiful baby boy who is now 24. The three teenagers are my stepchildren and after twelve years of not knowing where they were or how they were doing, and praying for a miracle, God brought them back into our lives.

This morning at age 51 my house is quieter and my meals are smaller, and that baby that was on the way is now sixteen.  And for some reason I felt like I am supposed to share some Mom advice. I think God enables us where we are with what we need, in fact I know He does because He always has for me.

The question I heard many times through the years was “how do you do it?”…so I would tell them and they would look at me like oh, ok but really how do you do it…My answer was too simple …” I Pray …A Lot”

I Pray Every Morning and all through the day….that is how I still live my days. I trust God to show me what each individual needs and how I can best be their mom.

My Motto: Every baby deserves to be loved and cared for unconditionally.

The one thing that I learned that helped me the most as a mom was that, you can tell a child/person you love them but time spent with them is putting that love into action. If you are too busy for your children or the other important people in your life, how will they feel the love you say you have for them? They can’t feel it because you have not shown it, and it is the result of not spending time with them.

Time + Attention =Love (filling the love tank 🙂   Put down the cell phone, book etc…

When disciplining, take them to a room where no one else is (respect) and kneel down to their eye level and speak firmly. Don’t humiliate them in front of people.


I know that if we give our children and other important relationships love, meet their needs, pray about everything, and make time for them, we will build strong bonded loving relationships.

And pass on a legacy of love, faith and hope.





Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

3 thoughts on “For Mom’s and Others too”

  1. That was beautiful, God has held your hand through it all and you’ve done his mighty works through the teaching of his word to the love through each child. And when you mention Time spent, I see how that truly plays a part in the mentoring and bonding of our children, without it how can we expect them to come to us with any situation. Thank’s for sharing apart of you that encourages parents out there with similar storys.

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