Post Traumatic Proposal Disorder~

How is it that I can spend years (no joke) hammering at a novel and yet when it comes time to explain what I have written in a short synopsis,it makes me hyperventilate?

After struggling with all of the required details of the proposal I finally had to say “enough is enough”. There is no way I want to spend three months trying to get it right, sometimes you just have to step out in faith and let it go.

So, I did just that.

And the rest of the day I obsessed and double checked the email I sent.  And now this morning I feel like I might be suffering a type of post traumatic syndrome. Of course I am over dramatizing, but it is a similar response to a stressful situation.

I also realized after looking at the stack of books I acquired at the Mt. Hermon’s Christian Writers Conference, that my book addiction is out of control, again.  I know you are wondering what I got, so I won’t hold you in suspense… the truth is a few of these I picked up since I have been back  home…did I mention.. I might have a bit of an addiction, but hey it’s not my fault there are so many great writers that I must read.


..047You would think with so many great choices I would not have a problem figuring out what to read next. But, have you ever went to the grocery store and bought a lot of groceries, come home and put them all away, and then you can’t figure out what to eat….? That is how I feel~Maybe there is a thing as too many choices.

My friend came to visit me and when she saw my bookcases, she said “Doesn’t it stress you out to see all those unread books?” I said “I would be more stressed if I didn’t have them because I wouldn’t have anything to read.”

The truth is I grew up in a book-less house and that really is one of the greatest forms of poverty.

The only poverty greater than that is a body without Christ~






Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

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