Writers Conference Anxiety **



cartoon woman writingAs writers we know that getting thee to a great conference is at the top of our to do lists. And I am really excited to finally be getting the opportunity to attend a great one at Mt. Hermon here in California, but I have to admit my anxiety is increasing as the day to leave draws closer.

I don’t feel prepared!  What was I thinking? People will know I am new to this world, not to writing but to the world of the writers, does that make sense?  Portfolio is a bit light, no name recognition, oh boy I am going to be worn out before I get out the door to go.

Anyone else ever been where I am?


This Too Shall Pass 🙂

A sweeping storm will fell a tree but through the wind I will sail

A clever I, will ride the wave, over and under and through it to the other side,

To beaches calm with evening tide, sweeping in and away a storm on water a

trickle of rain,

till I look back upon the day and once again proclaim that over and through it all I came.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

One thought on “Writers Conference Anxiety **”

  1. Prayers being sent your way. These conferences are meant to help, encourage and educate, right? You will blow their minds! Just breathe =)

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