Day Three~

Love Worth Finding,

Not out there in someone else,

But right there, where you are,

where I am


All the shades of Love I have seen but never have I thought much about loving me.

Until lately,

To love others as you love yourself would imply I first must love me. Then I can love you too.

It is not a selfish narcissistic ego form of prideful love but it is a caring, gracious, kind full of forgiveness type of love.

I began to deeply think about the importance of loving one’s self when I lost the one I love.

I knew that he carried a heavy burden of regrets and in the end I begged him to forgive himself.

Do you think disease’s like cancer that cause one’s own cells to turn on them and go rogue, is because in part the person has been so hard on their self and will not let go of self punishment? I think it is very possible, and even if it is not, wouldn’t it be a better life if it were lived loving one’s self and other’s.

I did an experiment where you focus on love and surrounding others with love and it works, the energy is lifted, peoples’ moods and attitudes change. Try it~ Focus on someone like your new born baby, or spiritual encounter, that caused those intense emotions to rise up in you and grab hold of that emotion, focus on that love make it grow and surround someone you know or a situation you are in and give it 5 to 10 minutes of your time and focus and then let it go. See if your situation or relationship improves. It has worked for me many times.

If you do I hope you will share your experience here with me. 🙂

I think spreading and practicing unconditional love is a cure for all the brokenness and pain we humans feel and cause each other.


I know this type of writing was not my original intention which was to write a poem or short story, but it is what I really have been wanting to write about, the power of real love. The very best definition in my opinion regarding love is found in 1 Corinthians 13 . Growing up I associated pain with being loved, a very twisted reality but it was mine. And not until after I was married and a new Christian, did I truly understand what real love was, much less what it looked and felt like. Because love is a verb. It is seen in our daily actions.  And it comforts as well as disciplines but does not cause one anger, or destroys trust, it builds others up and stays when others would walk away. It can be really hard work sometimes to keep loving.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

2 thoughts on “Day Three~”

  1. You raise an interesting point. I never considered love as being real hard work before but you are right about staying when we want to walk away. Sometimes staying can be hard work at times. I enjoyed reading this =)

  2. Beautiful, Iola. And, right up my alley. I’ve been preaching self-love, taking care of oneself, for many years. My signature workshop presentation is: Self-care isn’t Selfish; It’s Essential. Self-care (doing things that refill your well of giving) and self-love are essential so that we can take care of others without feeling resentment. Good post. Write what’s in your heart and on your mind. We’ll just read it. xoA

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