Day Two~

It is 9:33 pm and in the spirit of “Begin Now” , it is not too late to write something and something is better than nothing. right?

You be the judge of these incomplete pieces of what I could not seem to bring to a satisfactory  conclusion. It is painful when you have an idea of what you want to say but the prose refuse to cooperate, so what you end up with are bits and pieces of what could have been something with the potential to be enjoyable material.

I  call these bits and pieces “Writing Scraps”

Funny how others see me as strong, I know this because they say it to me.

I am always a bit dismayed at the thought, because I don’t feel strong at all.

I feel more like I am barely hanging on.

I desire it,

Strength of character

To be courageous is what I hunger for

I don’t see myself as brave,

I wonder some days what it is I’m here for~


I pick the pieces a part

Examine what’s left of my broken heart

A puzzle  that can never be completed

I am learning to live in the brokenness of my reality~


Love speaks to me over time and space

Light breaks through the cracked and broken fault lines of my life,

Revealing a purpose greater than me.


Not very interesting or inspiring but maybe I saved the worst for last 🙂


I have a cat

A Miscreant

As dismal as a gray dreary day

Cross sided,

Lop sided

Lazy as July

Useless as May

I spend money to make her healthy and happy

While I grow poorer each day,

I have a cat

blue eyes sparkle like a sunny day

I admit I love to watch her sleep

And when she wakes and stretches luxuriously.

Like she had never slept so good,

I must admit I envy her.

She teaches me the importance of self care

And the joy of playing with simple things like string.

Her eating habits are to be admired as she dines

on fish and greens,

Such a wise cat is she.


It is true there all mostly misses without even one good hit but I wrote today and that is what matters to me.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

2 thoughts on “Day Two~”

  1. I really like your cat poem! “As lazy as July and as useless as May” is a great line. I also like that you learned the value of self care and the joy of simple play from her. Those things are important =)

  2. Keep every single scrap. It may lead to another idea; may lead to expansion on a different day.
    You ARE stronger than you know. But, I understand what you are saying. I’ve got a quote somewhere about it and will send it to you when I find it. Hang in there. xoA

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