Begin Now~

I was reading about launching a 365-Day Project to inspire creativity and realized that, shoot, I am already a week behind and the year just started. Don’t you hate that feeling of being defeated before you even get started? Or is that just me?

Well I say to heck with the resolutions, good intentions, yada yada…and my new motto is going to sound similar to that of Nike but with a slight difference, mine is “Begin Now” .

Oops didn’t do my mile walk in the morning, so instead of telling myself I will begin the next morning (maybe I will and maybe I won’t ) instead of deluding myself or letting myself off the hook, and if I am still awake, do it right now~Don’t wait until the right time, or a new year-

Now is the Right Time.

Here are some of my good intentions that I revisit every birthday, and new years~

I will walk 1 mile a day (not very much and should be easy to do)

I will do yoga everyday.

I will write everyday (and I do, but not always in a productive way)

I will post to my blog at least once a week (well you see how that one has turned out, sorta hit and miss)

So my 365 Day Creativity Project starts today and will just run right past new years next year.  I would like to resolve to write one poem or short story everyday with the theme being “A Stronger Me” and post the results directly to my blog.

Day One~

A Poem:    A Servant’s Heart~

For so long I looked after others,

First my mother, then another and another

A perfect servants heart, shredded, abused and torn apart

Leaving a shattered me-

Put up a front,

A strong facade, so others can’t see all the pieces of me,

left wounded and ashamed.

A desire to escape overwhelms me, push’s and presses in on me,

A drink is no longer a strong enough cure for me to seek,

Drugs do not relieve the misery, all the strength they steal,

Drove me to my knees,

To surrender to the one who created me,

Love restores me,

Heals me

Enables me to stand alone so I can serve again, and again

Without expectation

and no regrets.

Only forgiveness

Freedom I have found in the presence of a Father who loves me,

Never leaves me


Never am I alone even when it seems I am the only one here.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

3 thoughts on “Begin Now~”

  1. Wow! I am so happy I was on my own blog today and bumped into this new post of yours. It’s good for so many reasons. Begin Now. I’m going to remember these words each time I get down for dropping one of the many balls in my life. And your poetry is poignant. Very well done. I will be here cheering you on even if you miss a day. ~d. 🙂

  2. “Begin now.” A mantra that doesn’t give us wiggle room; no excuses; no promises; no “what if’s”. A mantra that lets us know it is not too late. I love your perspective on this, Iola.

    And, your poem. Beautifully done. This line really created an image for me of the battered, abused, and bruised state that often accompany having the huge servant’s heart that it takes to make a difference in someone’s world. “A perfect servants heart, shredded, abused and torn apart”.

    Thank you for opening your heart to all of us. xoA

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