Son Salutation~

Sticking to routine is a fantasy of mine and like most fantasies that rarely come true, well routine is my constant quest.

But last Monday I began my

morning with fixing coffee and while the coffee

 was perking I worked my way through the Five Tibetan Rites.  Which if you do them you will

quickly see they are “work”.  The first two days I felt physically nauseous and could not stomach the idea of even a sip of coffee and tried only water which on the second day came back up, if ya know what I mean~

Tuesday night I decided to try lemon water, not hot, just fresh squeezed lemon juice with filtered water. And it worked! No more nausea with effects. Lemon juice is a great detox drink and  I needed that a lot apparently. I also included a banana or two boiled eggs because that is the only thing that sounded good. And if you knew me you would know before starting the  Tibetan Rites routine I was a doughnut, bagel sounds good kinda gal.

I also read that it was better to start with light stretching before plunging into the Rites and thought about the Sun Salutation Yoga routine and decided to do them before the Tibetan Rites. Of course as a Christian I prefer to say good morning to the “Son of God” creator of the sun, moon and stars.

I have to add that by Wednesday I was feeling so good I took my grandson Jude to the park and played basketball. Ok, it was me throwing hoops and running after the ball while he giggled, laughed and ran after me. Unfortunately my left knee swelled up for two days and I am still limping. But guess who can still sink the ball?

That’s right, your’s truly, at fifty I still don’t miss the hoop, very often.. that is..


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

3 thoughts on “Son Salutation~”

  1. Way to go, Iola. I admire you for sticking with the exercises. I’ve heard the same thing about the detox properties of lemon juice. Sounds like you’re on your way to better health and taking care of yourself. You have a lot on your plate, and I know your schedule is tight. But, as goes the title of one of my signature workshop presentations: self-care isn’t selfish– it’s essential. xoA

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