Cause and Effect~

Coffee with a Cause~Covenant Coffee

I love discovering a new to me place or interesting bit’s of information that can make a positive difference in my daily life.

If you live in Bakersfield you might or might not know about Covenant Coffee located on North Chester. This is a great place with cool ambiance and supports an awesome cause and the coffee, teas, and sandwiches are superior to Starbucks. True fact. Check it out at

100 % of your purchases go to support foster kids in Kern County and orphans around the world. How cool is that?

The Five Tibetan Rites~Fast, Effective Exercises

For awhile now I have been experiencing painful joints, which increases during the night making sleep very difficult. I knew I needed to spend time doing stretching, and yoga but time is in short supply in my world. Then I remembered last Sunday a set of exercises called the Five Tibetan Rites, that I read about a while back and thought they sounded interesting and put it on my one of these day’s list but had not given them a try. On Monday I decided that I could probably do these five exercises and be done before our morning coffee was ready and so I did the first set. I was right about being done by the time the coffee was finished but I sure didn’t feel like having a cup afterwards because I was extremely sick to my stomach afterwards, but that night I slept pain-free. I found out that the reason I was sick is that doing these five exercises release toxins from the lymphatic system and they can make you nauseous. Today is Wednesday and the sick feeling is gone and so is the stiff achy joints.

You can find videos of the Five Tibetan Rites on YouTube that demonstrate how they are done. What I like is that they take less than ten minutes and they relieve the pain of stiff achy joints, now if it’s true that they make you feel and look ten years younger, well that’s a bonus for me.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

3 thoughts on “Cause and Effect~”

  1. These 5 Tibetan rights sound rather intriguing. I will be sure to look them up. Yoga type exercises because of their twisting motions as well as massage can release these toxins you speak of. One way to reduce the nausea is to drink plenty of water to flush these toxins from your body =) Sure wish I could join you for a cup of coffee =/

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