As For Me & Mine~

When our first son was born 23 almost 24 years ago, my plan was to wait until he was five and than go back to work or school. But his sister was born 14 month’s later and after a series of events and a another year went by my husband started working for a company that moved us around every few month’s. That was not too bad until baby number 3 was on her way and we were living in a travel trailer, and at 7 months pregnant we were back on the road again this time from Cupertino CA to Kimball NE. Being that pregnant and having a 3 and 4 year old to care for was exhausting, oh I didn’t mention the two dogs and a cat, yep it was a bit like insanity. Good thing we were able to settle in because baby #3 needed to be born a month early by induced labor, which is no fun at all and worse than the natural progression of giving birth.

The day we arrived in Kimball Nebraska, I told my husband we could not continue to live cramped up in a travel trailer. So we prayed, bought a newspaper, and then counted how much we could spend on a house or even a hotel by the week, we had 300.00.

We needed a miracle.

My husband called the first of two ads we circled and the guy agreed to meet us on Walnut ave just off the main road that ran through the town on the way to Scottsbluff Nebraska.  The house was very easy to find and I loved it as soon as I saw it. It was a cute two bedroom, large backyard and it had a covered front porch and I could see a porch swing and me sipping tea as my babies played.

I wanted this house but I was afraid to ask how much, I worried that the rent plus deposits were going to be way out of our reach. But I couldn’t wait I had to get the agony of not knowing out of the way. And as my husband was chatting it up, if you knew him you would know what I mean, I interrupted his long winded explanation of the work he would be doing at the ethanol plant down the road outside of town, and asked quickly how much it would be to move in. When he said 300.00 and didn’t tack on plus deposits of this or that amount. I almost started crying but I was in shock, so I said alright can we move in now. And another after shock came when he said “yes”.  I looked at my husband and said “give him the money”. I was afraid he would change his mind as I watched my two little kids already running around playing in the fenced in backyard.

We got our miracle and we were home, finally!

I know that was a God intervention because after being there for a few weeks I met another wife of a welder who worked for the same company my husband did and we became great friends and stayed in touch for many years, and she told me how much they were paying and even though I cannot remember exactly how much, I do remember that her weekly room was more than our monthly rent.

I trust God always and have tried to not only live by the following scripture but to teach my five to trust God always and to pray~What it mean’s to me to serve the LORD GOD can be summed up in a few words that are a foundation for me:

Love the LORD Your GOD Completely, With all that I am.

Love others as I love myself

Do unto others as I would have them do unto me

Do not judge others

Forgive so that God will forgive me

Keep the Ten Commandments.

That is it. It really is that simple~


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

5 thoughts on “As For Me & Mine~”

  1. Now that is what I call a “Yay God!” story =) I really like your tenets for serving the Lord. Those are the principles I try to live by as well. Maybe that is why we have bonded…

  2. Iola, I enjoyed this story of your young struggling years. I love the description of your husband “chatting the guy up”. I’ve been known to chat folks up myself. Thanks for sharing. xoA

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