A Learning Curve Kinda Day~

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I’am now adding to my freelance portfolio “Press Release”  writing.

I can create effective, informative, concise press releases suitable for print and online publication.

If anyone needs or know’s someone who would be looking to hire a freelance writer I hope you will think of me and send them my way.

This is what I created today.

Contact: Dawna Hudson-Uhles              To: News Dept.                                         MoChi Fitness

MoChi Fitness, Inc.                                 Assignment Desk                                    “Twist-a-Mania:                                    Phone                         Fax:



At Age 65 Injured Fitness Professional Invents A Low Impact Workout System That Delivers Immediate Results.


At Home Exercise

BAKERSFIELD,CA(June 9, 2013) The statement “necessity is the mother of invention” is fitting for Dawna Hudson-Uhles former gym owner and fitness instructor from Bakersfield California, who was not ready to give up her active lifestyle, after being sidelined by injury to both knees.

Using her knowledge and experience Dawna invented the MoChi “Twist-a-Mania” exercise equipment, concept and technique with the encouragement and support of her husband Denny.  A new unique fitness system was designed and developed that allowed her to once again enjoy daily exercise, lose weight and regain her active lifestyle.

By combining the benefits of the twisters, PCMA “Precise Controlled Muscle Activation”, the G.I.F.T dial and music, MoChi “Twist-a-Mania” was born.

The results from daily using MoChi are increased core strength, speed reaction, range of motion, and higher level of energy.

MoChi is not a new spin on an old favorite, the key that sets this exercise program apart from others and turns it into an ab tightening, bun lifting, calorie burning full body workout, is the “Precise Controlled Muscle Activation” system combined with the G.I.F.T dial that can be adjusted to the needs of the user. PCMA  is much like the Pilates concept which allows you to be in control of your workout and can range from extremely low impact (for beginners) to high intensity workouts for the young & physically active.

MoChi is a fun portable fast workout that is the single most important piece of workout equipment that should be added to everyone’s mid-day office break, business trips, and home’s to get American’s back into shape and staying fit.

As Dawna shared MoChi with other women who used the system they too experienced the same results Dawna had, losing weight and inches from around their waist, their buns were lifting and tightening, and their energy level was higher. Unlike other pieces of equipment the real bonus is MoChi is a fun never boring workout.

In January 2012, Dawna and her husband Denny launched MoChi Fitness Inc., an on-line fitness company. The husband and wife team have designed and manufactured “high quality” MoChi twisters, and produced fun music driven dance work-out videos that are available on their website at www.mochifitness.com.

The MoChi Fitness “Twist-a-Mania” workout has attracted customers across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

For more information please contact Dawna Hudson-Uhles.

For Immediate Release.






Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

2 thoughts on “A Learning Curve Kinda Day~”

  1. I saw Dawna with her Twister and even tried it out at the April 2012 Women’s Business Conference! Several women had kicked of their high heels and were trying it, too. It was fun, and I could see how it would work to build core strength.

    Good job of telling her story, Iola.


  2. Very interesting concept. Something that can be tailored to different people’s abilities would be great. Thanks for sharing – and kudos on your press release.

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