Randomly Yours~

woman working in the garden

This week has been crazy busy and I am sitting here thinking if I could put two coherent thoughts together I might possibly be able to write a post that is semi interesting.  So here it goes, some random threads of ideas and thoughts from my otherwise preoccupied mind.

To dwell upon-

To wallow-

To savor-

Same in the way that they are what one might be “focusing” on deeply, meditatively. This past week I read that the key to happiness is to savor the moments. And I thought to myself what I have thought many times before, “what we think about continually can enlighten us or bind us. There is a verse that says “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” and there are many versions of this same truth.

I would have said in the past that I am an optimist but lately my thoughts run more toward the direction of pessimism.  And I don’t like it but it is hard when you are bombarded day after day, year after year with difficult circumstances. I think denial would be unhealthy and I let my kids know that they have every right to be sad about the fact that they have had to leave their home in Colorado and that their Dad has cancer and not doing well.  But to dwell on or to wallow around only in the negative and not recognize the many positive’s that occur daily,  is a recipe for depression and self destruction.

What I have found to be true is that if I acknowledge that I am sad, hurting and even find a way to express those emotions then they are not my predominate emotion and releasing them allows room to get over them and look for reasons to be grateful and yes, even hopeful.

What I know is human nature is to remember the bad over the good, and maybe that is because we breeze through the sweet moments and we don’t slow down or savor them long enough for them to develop roots in our psyche. And when we hurt, grieve or are treated badly and abused those moments become quickly deeply rooted and they tend to push away the small tender fragile moments that could buoy us through the tough stuff.

I could compare it to wild weeds that overtake the tender growths of beautiful flowers in a poorly tended garden.

O.k. I am done philosophizing or  I should say, .sharing my random thoughts.


Author: iola reneau

I am a writer and sometimes author.

9 thoughts on “Randomly Yours~”

  1. I have always been a pessimist and I attributed it yo the fact that I am very sensitive and it was my way of protecting myself from pain. I am learning to get over my fear and depression to appreciate the good things in life. Great Post. I love random thoughts.

  2. Great picture, great title =) How true that what we think about continually can either enlighten us or bind us. Very nice post my friend! I really like the image you painted about weeds overtaking the tender growths of beautiful flowers in a poorly tended garden…

    1. Thank You for all the years of encouragement and friendship. You are by far and away, without a doubt one of my precious memories that keep me buoyed and smiling.

  3. I agree that when we acknowledge those things that are heavy on our hearts or are weighing us down with worry, our spirits are lifted. Somehow holding them inside makes it worse and even though we might think we’re stronger when we keep it to ourselves, I think it hurts us more to keep it inside.

    Having a way to vent whether it’s by talking to someone or just writing it down really makes a difference.

    Thanks for sharing your random thoughts. 🙂

  4. I like how you compared these three things: To dwell upon- To wallow- To savor. There’s a place for each one in our lives, as long we are able not linger too long, and we’ve all been there and will continue to go there. xoA

  5. Fight or flight is human nature to protect ourselves. I don’t think we have an embrace or settle in instinct. I don’t anyway. The instinct is to react to the threat to the exclusion of the positive. It takes a deliberate act to turn away from that which hurts us and instead focus on the good. Just keep working at it.

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