Pieces of Me~

images pen in hand

       Thinking of a Friend~

In the stillness of a moment

The quieted mind finds

A memory of a friend that

Lights the heart with joy~

Fun with ice

Fragile Lives~

Ice Styles

Fine lines

Deepen with time

Ice cracks


Spiders out a web across the river


Reflecting Blinding Sun

Careful words Halting

Softly spoken

Strain at the Heart

Fragile threads


Woven Together

Create the Tapestry


Afraid Misspoken haste

Will shatter life’s fragile Glass

Into deadly slivers

Cutting Cord

Breaking Hearts  Apart

Built preserved Repaired Foundations

Bound and fitted

Two lives Together

Make a Whole

Faith Love Hope these Three


one last breathe

one unheard word

Shatter My Fragile World

2 thoughts on “Pieces of Me~

  1. The juxtaposition of friendship and family relationship is powerful. The fine lines of friendship weave a tapestry, but a single word from a family member can shatter one’s “fragile world.” Two lines stand out: “Spiders out a web across the river,” and “…shatter life’s fragile Glass.” The spider web and shattered glass are metaphors of the fragility of life.

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