Write = Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

When is it ever time to say enough with the rewriting already? 

I guess I will know the answer to that question when I get to the end of the last rewrite. 

I look forward to reading Nancy Ellen Dodd’s book The Writer’s Compass and applying it to future project’s. I hope it can help me reduce the time I spend editing. 

Today 1 hour and twenty minutes equaled two pages of edited manuscript. 

I feel a bit pathetic right now.


3 thoughts on “Write = Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

  1. Pathetic? Hardly. You have honed your crafted thoughts into refined art. You are seeking truth and clarity; it is a process, a journey toward that personal truth and generously sharing with those who care.

    1. Thank You for your encouragement and kind words.
      I guess I was feeling a bit pathetic since I completed two pages of editing on
      an over 300 page manuscript that I have been wrestling with for going on three years (yikes).

  2. At the risk of not identifying with your struggles, it is nice that you have something finished enough to be rewriting. The first draft is where I struggle. So intimidating to get words on the page!

    Good luck!

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